Published 10th August 2017


If you’ve been following Morph on Facebook this summer you’ll have seen him enjoy some amazing experiences to celebrate this 40th birthday! From skydiving to riding around town in a red sports car, Morph’s been having a great time ticking things off his bucket list.

And what did he have last on his list? Getting a tattoo! And who better to give him an inking? Katy Howarth of local studio Tattootime. Having previously worked at Aardman as a model maker, Morph knew he’d be in good hands under Katy’s supervision. Furthermore, Katy has some prior knowledge of Morph:

“My first ever tattoo was done on an old friend, Steve. His granddaughter loves Morph so when he found out I used to work at Aardman, he was over the moon and asked me to tattoo Morph on his arm.

So I drew a Morph, made a stencil, stuck it on, and very, very nervously tattooed someone for the first time! Up until that point I had only tattooed oranges and grapefruits as practice, so tattooing a real life person was pretty nerve-wracking! Steve’s granddaughter was so chuffed when she saw the Morph tattoo on his arm!”

When Katy was offered the chance to create a tattoo for Morph, she couldn’t wait to take up this unique opportunity:

“I felt honoured to be asked to design a tattoo for Morph – its definitely something I’m going to be telling my own son about! He loves watching Morph on TV, but as he’s still a baby he doesn’t understand the concept of tattoos yet!”

Morph decided to keep things simple with a classic anchor tattoo – the perfect style for someone with little arms and a nice nod to the maritime history of Morph’s hometown, Bristol. And Katy liked Morph’s new look so much, she’s planning to get the same design to twin with her very special customer!

So, what was it like having Morph in the studio?

“I meet a lot of different people in my line of work and Morph is definitely one of my more unusual customers! He didn’t sit very well, though – he kept fidgeting!”

You can take a look at Katy’s work on her Instagram account here.

Photo copyright Matt Crockett