The Very Small Creatures

In 2021, Morph’s pals The Very Small Creatures got their very own series! Directed by Aardman’s Lucy Izzard, the show – commissioned by Sky Kids – uses stop-motion animation and clay models to tell the story of Pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green. Based on the little characters from Morph’s original 1980s series, The Very Small Creatures take centre stage this time around in a colourful show designed for pre-schoolers. 

Follow the adventures of five curious little friends who have lots of fun exploring a child’s play area when no one’s around. Through play and discovery, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them, with kindness and fun central to the show’s core. Humour, warmth and fun are at the heart of the show, and the themes of each episode relate to an aspect of a toddler’s life, from learning about relationships, teamwork and empathy to understanding each other’s differences.  

You can enjoy the show on Now alongside the Sky Kids channel and app.

Behind the Scenes

Drag me

The series is set on the floor of a child’s play area, full of bright colours and varied textures. There are lots of toys and other well-loved objects left lying around, creating opportunities for The Very Small Creatures to explore the intriguing objects, discovering how they move, feel and work.

  • 2022
    Prix Jeunesse International
    • Shorts
  • 2022
    Broadcast Digital Awards
    • Best Digital Pre-School Content
  • 2022
    BAFTA Children & Young People Awards
    • Pre-School - Animation